Yakutia, Land of Extremes

Photo: Indigirka River, Oymyakonsky Destrict in Yakutia, Courtesy of Kirill Uyutnov

Yakutia Airlines is operating seasonal summer flights on the routing Anchorage – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – Yakutsk (the layover in Kamchatka is just a few hours in each direction) which makes travel to and from Yakutsk convenient and comfortable.

Yakutsk from above. Photo Courtesy: Slava Stepanov

Yakutia, or Sakha Republic, is a vast unexplored region of Siberia. Yakutia occupies one-fifth of the territory of Russia. Yakutia is rich in gold and diamonds and accounts for 20% of the world’s supply of rough diamonds. The City of Yakutsk is the capital of Yakutia and is one of the most remote of Russia’s cities, a strategic outpost in a region of permafrost. Yakutsk was founded in 1632. Today it’s a prosperous city with brand-new, modern buildings. Yakutsk also offers some excellent historical and cultural museums. Numerous jewelry stores offer great selection made from local diamonds.

City of Yakutsk, Photo: Rodion Kulichkin


City of Yakutsk, Photo: Alexander Egorov

Yakutsk has gained attention as one of the coldest cities in the world, but is worth a visit more for the great natural beauty of its surrounding countryside, unique cryogenic museums, diverse culture of native Yakut people, and just for the spirit of adventure in the most remote lands of the world.

Photo: Modern Yakut Girls, Courtesy by Aitalina Solovieva.


Photo of Yakut women in traditional Yakut costumes, Courtesy of Gavriil Popov


One of the sites to visit is the Lena Pillars Nature Park, an impressive chain of sharp-pointed rocks resembling pillars about 490-985 ft high, extends for about 50 miles along the Lena River. This unique ecological and tourism location is less than a day’s boat ride from Yakutsk. Surrounded by endless miles of virgin forests and inhabited by unique flora and fauna, Lena Pillars is truly a breathtaking place to visit!

Lena Pillars. Photo Courtesy: Yakutia Airlines

Mammoth is the second brand of Yakutia, after diamonds. The tusks and bones of mammoths are used traditionally in Yakutia to make souvenirs. There is a unique Mammoth Museum in Yakutsk that has one of the world’s most diverse collections of exhibits from the Ice Age.

Mammoth Museum. Photo Courtesy: Planeta Yakutia

The tusks of long-dead mammoths, which have been encased in ice for centuries, are now becoming exposed. Join local tour operators for mammoth tusk hunting expeditions.

Boy finds a mammoth tusk. The photo was taken near famous Berelyokh Mammoth “Cemetery” at the Indigirka river in Yakutia. Photo: Vladimir Fyodorov


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