Yakutia Airlines joins Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC)

Yakutia Airlines is proud to announce that it has joined Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) effective July 30. Travel agencies in North America are now able to book and settle travel on flights throughout the airline’s vast route system, which extends from Anchorage, Alaska, throughout Russia to Central Asia, the Black Sea and Europe. Yakutia Airlines carries more than 80,000 passengers per month and is the official airline the 2012 Children of Asia Sports Games.

Yakutia Airlines has elected the General Concurrence method of agent appointment whereby all ARC agents are automatically appointed as agents of Yakutia Airlines. Initially Yakutia Airlines will only accept cash; however, it is working to establish Visa and Mastercard as additional forms of payment. Amadeus is currently the only GDS supported by Yakutia Airlines, but other systems are expected to come on-line by 2013.

Agents are encouraged to contact Yakutia Airlines’ representative in the United State, InterPacific Aviation and Marketing, Inc., with any questions they may have about ticketing and service. To see the full text of the announcement, please click here.

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