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Would you like to learn more about travel to Kamchatka in 2017?

Kamchatka Explorer Magazine is produced by Kamchatka Explorer publishing house with the support of the regional government’s office of tourism. It provides an excellent overview of opportunities for adventure and relaxation on the peninsula.

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Kamchatka_GuidbookKamchatka Guidebook: Kamchatka Modern Guidebook by PressPass is one of the most detailed and up-to-date Kamchatka guidebooks currently available. It explores in depth Kamchatka’s peoples, culture, climate, flora and fauna, economy as well as sights, museums and activities. Learn in detail about the gear you need to go fishing or trekking, or about geothermal power and submarines. The guidedbook is rich in inspirational photographs, detailed maps, and insets that explore history, local food, culture and safety. The Kamchatka Modern Guidebook is available on AMAZON and OZON  in English  and  in Russian.

The same publisher also produces guides for other parts of Russia, including Yakutia, Primorye, Kolyma (Magadan Oblast), and the Russian Far East.

Diana_GleadhillKamchatka: A Journal and Guide to Russia’s Land of Ice and Fire by Diana Gleadhill provides a firsthand look at the wonders of traveling to Kamchatka, and is the newest and the most comprehensive guidebook to Kamchatka written in English.

Read Diana Gleadhill’s Explorations of Kamchatka: Extract from “Kamchatka: A Journal and Guide to Russia’s Land of Ice and Fire” by Diana Gleadhill.



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