Reading and Listening About The Russian Far East

Would you like to learn more about travel to Kamchatka in 2017? Kamchatka Explorer Magazine provides an excellent overview of opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Click to upload in English or Russian.


The Russian Far East is not that far away physically and the geography, culture and history of the region are deeply intertwined with Alaska. You can even go there for an adventure if you are ready for something completely new. LISTEN: The Russian Far East on the Outdoor Explorer


Ajay Kamalakaran edited the Sakhalin Times from 2003 to 2007, and has now written  Globetrotting for Love on Sakhalin Island  – 11 stories, which are mostly set on the island during those heady years.


In the 1990’s Alaskans and Russians built strong ties across the Bering Sea between our two countries. David Ramseur’s new book, Melting the Ice Curtain, recounts that history.







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