Photo: Val Atkinson, Courtesy of The Fly Shop

US outfitters with expertise operating trips to Kamchatka

There is no place left in the world that is as wild, pristine, and unexplored as Kamchatka in the Russian Far East. The peninsula’s snow-capped volcanic ridges feed thousands of miles of rivers and streams, forming ideal habitat for salmon, rainbow trout, and other popular sports-fishing species. Following is a list of recommended US outfitters and travel companies with expertise operating trips to Kamchatka. They will work with you to put together your ultimate trip.

The Fly Shop

Since 1992, The Fly Shop has helped thousands of adventuresome anglers plan their dream trips to Kamchatka. From big rivers thriving with gigantic, prehistoric trout, to intimate spring creeks offering the finest dry fly and mouse-fly fishing on Earth, our river safaris are supported by the most experienced and expert flyfishing staff in the Russian Far East.
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Jack Atcheson & Sons Inc.

Jack Atcheson and Sons have offered hunting trips to Russia’s Far East region since 1992! We freely provide discerning hunters with our trusted advice and guidance on international hunting and fishing adventures with respected outfitters, guides, and safari operators. Specifically, we organize trips for all Siberian Snow Sheep species in Kamchatka, Koryak, Chukotka, Yakutia, Kolyma and Okhotsk regions.
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Ouzel Expeditions, Inc.

Ouzel Expeditions began in 1977. Ouzel Expeditions became the first western guide service to operate in Kamchatka in 1991. Ouzel introduced catch and release angling to Kamchatka and the use of Russian helicopters to access it’s beautiful rivers for fly fishing.
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The Best of Kamchatka

The Best of Kamchatka is the only outfitter which works exclusively on Kamchatka.  This singular focus shows in our superior guide staff, cuisine, equipment selection, fishing programs and intense attention to details. Supported with two-person cabins, comfortable, dry, bug-free and includes electricity and heat.  Our many amenities include spotless flush toilets, streamside benches, picnic tables, and evening campfires, 2/1 guide ratio and Kamchatka’s finest cooks  We tailor each week to exceed the expectations of our individual guests.
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Safari Outfitters, LLC

Safari Outfitters was the first company to arrange big game hunting expeditions into the Kamchatka region starting back in 1990. We continue to offer the best hunting adventures available for Kamchatka Bighorn Sheep, Koryak Snow Sheep and Kamchatka Brown Bear. Contact us for details on these and many other outstanding hunting adventures.
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Ultimate Rivers

Ultimate Rivers is an Alaska-based enterprise, in business since 1983. We were among the first American tour operators to pioneer joint ventures in Russia during the late 1980s, concentrating our efforts in the Far East provinces most accessible by direct flights from Alaska.
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Kamchatka-Based Operators

Plan your own trip to Kamchatka with these select Kamchatka-based operators. Learn more about Kamchatka-based operators at the Kamchatka Travel Portal.


The premier ground operator for foreign groups visiting Kamchatka. Kamchatintour has been working in the tourism business since 1990, when the Kamchatka peninsula allowed foreigners to access its unspoiled nature and warm-hearted people.
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Kamchatka Trophy Hunts

KAMCHATKA TROPHY HUNTS offers hunting and fishing trips in the central, northern and north-western parts of Kamchatka. Our outfitting company has been in operation for 22 years. Much of that time we’ve been conducting hunts for the most famous agents in the hunting world. In recent years we’ve become independent and now offer our services directly to hunters. We outfit hunting packages for Eastern Siberian Moose, Kamchatka Brown Bear and two different species of wild sheep on the Kamchatka Peninsula – Kamchatka Bighorn Sheep and Koryak Snow Sheep.
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Explore Kamchatka

We have a guest house located 10-15 minutes from the airport. We also have an Alaskan company, “Explore Kamchatka,” specializing in travel logistics for active travelers, ecotourism including bear viewing, volcano trekking, fishing, skiing, working with Russian tour operator partners. In business since 2000.
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