My Kamchatka Photo Trip

The article is written by Yanai Bonneh and republished here with permission from 56th Parallel.

“My name is Yanai Bonneh. I live in Ein HaBesor, a cooperative Israeli settlement in the Negev Desert. Few months ago I watched TV at home and saw a movie about Kamchatka on NG channel. I was amazed from the first moment and promise myself that soon I’ll be there.

I lived and traveled in Africa before and during that time I took many photos of the wild life that Africa can offer. Afterwards I took my feet and flew to Lapland for chasing the Northern Lights. So since I was lucky to fulfill these dreams I told myself: “If I had experienced like that before so now nothing will stop me to follow my next dream and I’m sure I’m ready for the next challenge and my next adventure – Kamchatka!

Like my mom greeted me before my departure – “who dares win” and few hours later I found myself taking a part in a photo expedition in Kamchatka.

I reached to Kamchatka after more than twenty hours of flying. I came alone all the way from Israel, with a little bit worries but by the time I reach the camp I realized immediately how kind and good the people are, our guides and my partners to the trip which came from South Korea.

We were only a six people, really small group. From the beginning we become a good friends, we used to help each other, for example during hiking or while setting our camp etc. The atmosphere was wonderful along our whole trip and it doesn’t matter where each one came from or speaks different language or having a different culture. We became a really good friends. We spent a lot of hours on the roads, sometimes even 8-12 hours of driving. We used (and tried of course) to wake up very early in every morning, before sunrise, to take a good shoots of Kamchatka’s beautiful and unusual landscapes.

Most of the time we spent on roads or in the fields while hiking, some nights without toilet or taking shower but it was so fun and unforgettable experience.

Except the unusual landscapes, volcanoes, ice caves, lava fields we’re also lucky to see the brown bears.  We saw an about ten bears in Kuril lake, while eating salmons but we’re lucky as well to see another five or six bears on the roads and near our camps. It was exciting moments to see a huge mammal like brown bear only a few meters from us.


I have to say and remind it again, the most important thing for me and one of the greatest memories that I’m taking with me from this trip is the amazing people, my partners to the expedition from Korea and our amazing guides: Dima, Pavel and Anna that led us and always explained and told us about Russia and especially about Kamchatka.


For me, it’s the most important thing more than any photo of any landscape or a bear that I took. Those people, my friends, they has a big part which made this trip to a perfect one! Truly the best trip in all my life”.


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  1. Those are wonderful photos. I am so glad you enjoyed your trip to Kamchatka. I went for the first time in 2000 and wrote a book about it, so I understand exactly your “love affair” with this most unusual country. I am still in touch with the couple who were my guides. they came and stayed with me in my home in Ireland.
    Best wishes. Diana Gleadhill

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