Nalychevo Nature Park

Kamchatka’s Hotsprings

Kamchatka’s volcanic peninsula is home to many accessible hotsprings, some remain wild while some have been tamed and made into resorts complete with pools. Three spots for a hot soak come to mind when thinking about a visit to Kamchatka: Nalychevo Nature Park, Timonovsky hotsprings and Paratunka Valley.

Nalychevo Nature Park

Part of the Volcanoes of Kamchatka, Nalychevo Nature Park boosts three hot-spots in the center of its territory. While it requires a bit of effort – a hike in from Avacha Pass or Pinachevo village – the setting is spot-on for everything you might imagine a hard-to-get-to soak should be. Set in an expansive valley surrounded by mountain peaks, each hotspring has a hut to change in and a deck to sit on. Plus, steps away are numerous overnight cabins complete with fresh linens should you decide one soak is not enough.

Nalychevo Nature Park.

Nalychevo Nature Park. Photo: A. Tereschenko

Nalychevo Nature Park

Nalychevo Nature Park. Photo: O. Stryukova

Timonovsky Hotsprings

Like Nalychevo’s hot spots, Timonovsky is for the adventurous and can be toured as celebratory finish (or start) to a multi-day backpack or by horseback. Part of the Timonovsky Natural Reserve, the springs are located in a similar natural setting as Nalychevo – forested slopes with river views. Near the hotsprings you’ll find a spot to pitch a tent or spend the night in one of the cabins built for overnight stays.

Paratunka Valley Hotspings

If you are short on time but wish to dedicate a day to soaking in the warm waters of Kamchatka, then Paratunka is for you. Located approximately 30 km from Petropavlovsk, this is the place locals favor – with an open-air swimming pools open year round, it’s close, it’s warm and it’s nice. There’s even a café on site to help you make the decision to spend the entire day lounging pool-side.


Bel-Kam-Tour in Paratunka has a pool with clean thermal water. Photo: JATM

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