Maria Bedareva

Kamchatka Athletes at Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics

Maria Bedareva

When people think of sport in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg come to mind as the obvious leading cities. Few would include Kamchatka as a hub of world-class activity and few people know that this remote peninsula is one of the centers for Russian alpine skiing. Kamchatka has nominated 5 athletes for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, more than any other region in the Russian Far East.

Downhill skier Maria Bedareva.  Photo Courtesy: Kamchatka Tourism Office

Downhill Skiing: The Russian Olympic team is represented by Kamchatka natives Maria Bedareva and Elena Yakovishina, Masters of Sport of Russia and current instructors at the Alpine Ski School “Edelweiss” that has earned reputation by its coaching methods and raising successful Soviet and Russian alpine skiers.  Talented Maria Bedareva finished 13th in downhill at the European Cup in Austria in 2014 giving herself a new position as leader on the Women’s Downhill Skiing team.

Downhill skier Maria Bedareva.  Photo Courtesy: Kamchatka Tourism Office

Downhill skier Elena Yakovishina.  Photo Courtesy: Kamchatka Tourism Office

Kamchatka Paralympic athletes hope to compete more. The Russian Paralympic team continues to impress on the world stage year after year. Many of them come from remote places like the Kamchatka peninsula.

Downhill Skiing-Visually Impaired: Russian Paralympic Team is represented by Kamchatka’s Ivan Frantsev, Master of Sport of Russia and Alexandra Frantseva, Master of Sport of Russia, International Class. Alexandra leads the women’s rankings for  the 2013 IPC Alpine Skiing World Cup.

Alexandra Frantseva and Ivan Frantsev. Photo Courtesy: Kamchatka Tourism Office

Para-Snowboard:  Alexander Ilinov has been nominated as a candidate to participate in the inaugural snowboard cross for athletes with lower limb impairments as a part of the alpine skiing program.

Kamchatka also showcases its tourism, sports, and cultural facilities in 3D at The Exposition of Regions of Russia in Sochi. Visitors can learn about travel opportunities in peninsula, as well as get acquainted with local native culture and traditions. Kamchatka native ensembles will perform in Sochi Winter Olympic village.

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