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Hunter Information

Are you planning a hunting expedition to Russia?

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has provided this packet of information to ensure the proper and expedient clearance of your wildlife (i.e., hunting trophies) and/or wildlife products, into the United States. To download the document, please click here.

Passport and Visas

All travelers are responsible for ensuring that they possess all documentation required to enter/exit Russia and United States. US Citizens, and most other non-Russian citizens, must have a valid visa to enter Russia, and it must be affixed to a current, valid passport (it may not be in a separate voided or expired passport). Read more on Russian visas.

Traveling outside of the U.S. – Temporarily taking a firearm, rifle, gun, shotgun or ammunition abroad for hunting purposes:

Complete a CBP Form 4457 to ensure a problem-free return to the U.S. Once the CBP 4457 is completed, it can be used repeatedly for that particular firearm.  Click here for details.

Bringing a firearm or ammunition to the U.S. for hunting/sport purposes:

Non-immigrant visitors entering the U.S. with a firearm, to include Canadian citizens transiting through the U.S., need to obtain an approved ATF Form 6 NIA prior to arriving. Click here for more details.

Traveling with Guns from Anchorage to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky:
  • Guns should be registered with customs before departure from the US to avoid difficulties when returning.
  • Guns must be unloaded and packed in a hard sided, locked TSA-approved case.
  • No ammunition is allowed to be packed inside the case with the firearm. Passengers are allowed to carry up to 11 lbs of ammunition. Ammunition must be packed in its original box or can be packed in a special hard sided ammunition case. It cannot be packed in a random cardboard box or just loose inside a suitcase.
  • Standard baggage rules and fees apply to hunters.
  • Intent to transport weapons and ammunition must be declared to the airline at the time of booking and approved by the airline. Specifically, the following information must be entered into reservations via “Special Service Request” (SSR) for all passengers traveling with firearms (see section below with guidance for travel agents): ♦ Firearm: make, model, caliber; ♦ Ammunition: number of rounds, number of boxes, total weight.
For Travel Agents:

When booking a ticket for hunters, the following information must be entered in the reservation via Special Service Request (SSR code “WEAP”).

  • Firearm: make, model, caliber;
  • Ammunition: number of rounds, number of boxes, total weight


Traveling with Guns on Domestic Russian Flights beyond Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky:
  • Transportation of weapons on domestic Russian flights is only permitted for foreign citizens if they are accompanied by a Russian citizen with a permit to carry weapons.
Transporting Hunting Trophies to Third Countries

Hunters transporting trophies through the US to a third country must secure a Transit Permit from the following USDA office:

United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Tel: 916‐854‐3960
10365 Old Placerville Rd., Ste. 210
Sacramento, CA 95827‐2518

Bear Spray:

For the safety of passengers, crew, and aircraft, bear spray of any size is not allowed on Yakutia Airlines’ flights. Please ensure that you do not pack this item in your carry-on or checked baggage.