From Kamchatka Explorer Magazine: 14 Popular Tours in Kamchatka

1. Helicopter tours

Helicopter tours in Kamchatka are available daily June through September (in flying weather). However, winter tours are also available, but they are group-operated only and depend on weather conditions. Frequent tours are offered to the Valley of Geysers and Kuril Lake. Tours to the Valley of Geysers are combined with tours to Uzon Volcano caldera, while tours to Kuril Lake are combined with the Khodutkinskye Hot Springs. Tours can also include the Nalychevskye Hot Springs, fishing at the Zhupanova River, and Karymsky Volcano, etc.

Photo: Barry Stone

2. City tours

City tours are offered by travel agencies both as separate tours and as part of combined tours. There are several tours around Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the peninsula’s capital. Offers may include tours around the evening city, to historical sites, to city museums, or souvenir tours. Excursions around the City of Military Glory are affordable and very exciting and are of great interest for representatives of all generations, for Russians and foreigners.

Photo: K. Makshanova

3. Horse trekking tours

Horse trekking tours are offered by travel agencies as single day tours. They vary in duration and can last from 3.5 hours to about 8 hours. Usually they are organized from June till October. Horse trekking tours to the Pacific Coast are very exiting! During the trip you will enjoy meeting horses, scenery, and coastal shores. Such tours are inexpensive and affordable. The horses are selected by instructors individually for every client.

Photo: Natalia Emelianenko

4. Jeep-tours

Jeep-tours enjoy great popularity and are available for small groups of 4-6 people. Travel agencies offer up to ten different jeep-tours – single day and multiple day tours.

Photo: Sergey Krasnoschekov

5. Natural hot springs tours

Natural hot springs tours are offered by travel agencies either as separate short tours or as part of tours across Kamchatka. Hot springs are plentiful in Kamchatka. Click here to read about most popular of them.

Photo: A. Tereschenko

6. Marine cruises

Marine cruises are very popular with Kamchatka visitors and its residents. Mostly, they are single day tours which differ in duration and itinerary. Some agencies offer two or three day tours. New offers – sea cruises along Kamchatka sea shore and to the Commander and Northern Kuril Islands are gaining more popularity.

Photo: E. Safonova

Photo: Kamchatka Explorer

7. River rafting tours

River rafting tours are offered by travel agencies as separate tours or in combination with salmon fishing tours. They vary in duration from one to three days and in activities – tourists can either participate in organization of the rafting or just raft as passengers. Individual tours lasting more than three days are also available. Some agencies include swimming in hot springs in their tours.

Photo: R. Bavykin

8. History and ethnography

History and ethnography of Kamchatka’s ethnic minorities always present great interest, especially to foreigners. Very often ecotourism is combined with ethnographical one. Travel agencies organize tours to Itelmen, Even, and Koryak settlements, reindeer nomad camps, etc.

Photo: Alexander Mukhin

9. Fishing tours

Fishing tours are organized by a variety of travel agencies. They offer both single day and multiple day tours. Kamchatka can offer all kinds of fishing: river, lake, sea trophy fishing – both during summer and winter seasons. Fishermen and women who appreciate comfort can enjoy stationary fishing bases.

Photo: I. Shatilo

10. Walking tours and volcano ascents

Walking tours and volcano ascents are offered by travel agencies both as single day and as multiple day tours. As a rule, the ascent is one or two days long, though there are routes lasting seven and more days. Picturesque scenery of mountain waterfalls, lakes, and lush vegetation which alternate with a bare cinder landscape, multicolored  rhododendrons, and snow patches on volcano slopes make tours there an exciting adventure! Such tours often include swimming in natural hot springs.

Photo: V. Ponomaryov

11. Botanical tours

Botanical tours are offered throughout summer. Tourists can see plants belonging to one species at various stages of their development. On southern slopes seeds only ripen, while on plains they bloom and in gorges or on northern sides of hills they bud or just start blooming. The guides-botanists will tell you about local flora, and you will recharge with positive emotions and take loads of photos.

Photo: Kamchatka Explorer

12. Dogsled tours

Sled dogs are an essential part of Kamchatka natives’ customs and traditions. Till the middle 1950s, dogsleds were virtually the only link between many Kamchatka settlements during long winters. They carried mail, people, provisions, and medication to the most remote parts of the peninsula. Participating in such a tour you get acquainted with a traditional way of life led by people of the North. You will also have some training at mushers’ school where you will learn how to drive a dogsled. During the dogsled trip you will be accompanied by experienced mushers.

Photo: Anfisa Brazaluk

13. Winter snowmobile tours

Winter snowmobile tours give a wonderful opportunity to see Kamchatka! Freedom of movement and high speed let tourists see out-of-the-way places. Many hard to reach places in summer become accessible for tourists on snowmobiles in winter thanks to solid snow cover.

Photo: V. Fortuna

14. A visit to the igloo-hotel

A visit to the igloo-hotel makes the tour exciting! The only in Russia igloo-hotel consists of several Eskimo igloo huts, which vary in size. All huts are made of snow. The temperature inside never drops below -3 °С, no matter how cold it is outside. The vaults are decorated with snow bas-reliefs depicting mythic heroes of Kamchatka epos. The northern ethnic flavor is supported by hentai totems cut out of solid larch trunks and large sculptures of Kutkhu and Peliken.  A true Kamchatka miracle is thermal springs. Tourists immensely enjoy swimming outdoors in pools with hot thermal water surrounded by snowcapped mountains.

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