Events Calendar for Kamchatka, Russia

Heading to Kamchatka? Want to see what the locals are up to in the summer? Check out our Events Calendar below  to be sure to not miss a thing!

Fisherman’s Day Celebration: 13 July 2018, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Honor fishermen and celebrate the Fisherman’s Day in the main city square with live music, games, and sports competition accompanied with fish soup served by the field kitchens. The celebration will end with evening fireworks.

Pirate Festival: 13-15 July 2018, Settlement Goryachy Klyuch, Kamchatka

Pirate Festival showcases entertainment by a variety of talented musicians, performers and artists. Come to listen to pirate songs and participate in numerous contests.

Photo: Yulia Sinyavina

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples: 12 August 2018, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

The United Nations’ (UN) International Day of the World’s Indigenous People is observed to promote and protect the rights of the world’s indigenous populations. This event in Kamchatka will aim to promote the culture indigenous peoples and recognize the achievements and contributions that they’ve made. Celebrations, concerts, and performances will be held at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and villages throughout Kamchatka.

Photo: Olga Logvinets

Day of the Volcano: 17-19 August 2018, Avachinsky and Kozeksky Volcanoes

The Day of the Volcano is an official holiday in Kamchatka gathering annually several thousand locals and visitors at the foot of several volcanoes. The main event is the climb to the top of the Avachinsky (Avacha) volcano (2700 meters/6562 feet). Approximate time for ascending is 6-8 hours; approximate time for descending is 2.5-4 hours. Celebrations and performances will be held throughout Kamchatka.

Photo: Tourists hiking the Avacha Volcano, Courtesy of Vladislav Teplukhin

Skyrunning Championship, Avachinsky Volcano: 17-20 August 2018

Come to see spectacular events featuring races where earth meets the sky. The event will bring athletes from other parts of Russia as well as tourism adventurers.

Photo Courtesy: Agency for Tourism and Internal Affairs of Kamchatka

Salmon Festival: 24-26 August 2018, Bolshaya River

Founded in 2011, the festival brings together community members from every walk of life to celebrate and help protect wild salmon, widely regarded as one of the region’s most important resources. The three-day festival include a fishing competition, awards and recognition, and theatrical performances from various community groups.

Photo: The Fly Shop

Wild Harvest Festival: 25 August 2018, Razdolny Settlement

The festival of Kamchatka native peoples combines recreation and education into an unforgettable experience. Participants will learn about wild edibles, including wild berries, honey, herbs, etc and their use from knowledgeable instructors, as well as their use in native cultures. There will be various activities, workshops, demonstrations, and performances.

Photo Courtesy: Agency for Tourism and Internal Affairs of Kamchatka

Kamchatka Tourism Week, 1-10 September 2018, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

A week-long celebration of events showcasing the quality and vibrancy of the Kamchatka tourism industry.

Photo Courtesy: Agency for Tourism and Internal Affairs of Kamchatka


International Volcanology Field School 2018: Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes in Kamchatka, 6-20 August  2018. More…

Yakutia Diamond Week, 3 September 2018, Mirny & Yakutsk, Sakha Republic. 
Russia’s largest Republic Sakha (Yakutia) that accounts for 98% of domestic and for nearly one-third of global diamond extraction will hold Diamond Week on September 3-8, 2018. The event will be organized with the support from the Sakha Republic Government. More…

4th Eastern Economic Forum, 11-13 September 2018, Vladivostok.
The Eastern Economic Forum is a unique platform for cooperation between representatives from the worlds of business and politics, as well as members of the expert and media communities from Russia and the Asia-Pacific region. More…

Sakhalin Oil & Gas, 25-27 September 2018, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
It’s a unique platform to hear and meet the industry’s most influential decision-makers. More…

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