Ysyakh festival

Celebrate Ysyakh festival in Yakutsk…

Ysyakh festivalYsyakh festival, the traditional Yakut summer solstice celebration will be held in Yakutsk on June 29-30, 2013. This holiday is a celebration of the revival and renewal of the nature, fertility and beginning of a new year. It is accompanied by national Yakut rituals and ceremonies, folk dancing, horse racing, Yakut ethnic music and singing, national cuisine, and competitions in traditional Yakut sports.


You will taste the legendary drink of the Yakut epic heroes – Kumys. Hand in hand with the holiday participants you will dance the traditional round dance “osuokhay” that symbolizes life cycle. Come to Ysyakh to celebrate and explore the rich culture of the Yakut people!

Ysyakh festival Ysyakh festival
The holiday begins with an ancient ritual – the sprinkling of fire and earth with kumys, Yakut national drink made from fermented mare’s milk. Photo: Yakutia Airlines The Yakut people thought about the sunrise as the greatest miracle. If you stretch hands out to the sun,  you will be charged with energy and power. Photo: Yakutia Airlines

Ysyakh festival

Holiday participants dance the traditional round dance “osuokhay” that symbolizes life cycle. Photo: Yakutia Airlines.

How to get to Yakutsk: This summer, Yakutia Airlines has synchronized its weekly service on the Kamchatka-Magadan-Yakutsk route with its summer Alaska-Russian Far East Service. Passengers traveling east- or westbound can make convenient 2 hour connections at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, thus reducing the total travel time Anchorage-Yakutsk to under 13 hours. The service will be operated with one of the airline’s new Bombardier Q-400 aircraft.

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