AirRussia.US is a travel portal created to facilitate and promote travel between North America and Eastern Russia. InterPacific Aviation and Marketing, Inc. (IPAM) based in Seattle, Washington is a sole owner of AirRussia.US and is the designated representative for Yakutia Airlines in the US.
Yes you can. Send Us your preferred travel dates and itinerary and summary of other travel services you may require. We’ll get back to you with options and applicable fares after review with our travel partners.

If you’d like to make a reservation, Send Us the following information:

-Full names of all persons traveling, as written in passport
-Routing and travel dates, class of service
-Contact information (phone, email, address in the US)
-Passport details (citizenship, country of residency, passport number, expiration date, date of birth)
-Additional services required (anticipated excess or oversize/overweight baggage, seat request, etc.)

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