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InterPacific Aviation and Marketing, Inc/AirRussia.US (Seattle, USA) represents Yakutia Airlines in North America, and provides travel, air cargo, and promotional services. It specializes in travel between North America and the Russian Far East. AirRussia.US is a travel portal created to facilitate and promote travel between North America and Eastern Russia.

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Tourist posing in the narrow canyon in the crater of Mutnovsky Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia. Photo Courtesy: Sergey Krasnoschekov. Convenient flights from Anchorage to Kamchatka on Yakutia Airlines make it easy to get there .

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What People Are Saying About Yakutia Airlines’ Flights to Kamchatka, Russia

"Just want to express my compliments to Yakutia Airlines -- fantastic onboard staff (so friendly!) and good food to boot! They are a good airline -- too bad they don't fly year round. Petropavlovsk immigration/customs personnel were also friendly."Passenger Steve Newcomer, Summer 2015
“As a person who travels considerably on business and pleasure I give Yakutia Air a top rating! I have the same sense of safety and comfort aboard Yakutia as I would feel flying with Alaska Airlines or Lufthansa.“David Howe, All Alaska Tours
"Outstanding customer service! I will recommend this company to all of my friends an families that plan to travel to Eastern Russia for fishing, tours etc. Thank you so much for all your help! It's been great doing business with you!!!!.“Natalia Mineyeva, passenger
“With the resumption of direct flights from Anchorage beginning in mid-July, 2012, via Yakutia Air, the vital link between Alaska and Russia’s Far East is restored, and with it endless possibilities of outdoor adventure not possible anywhere else.”Rene Limeres, Founder, Ultimate Rivers & passenger on Yakutia Airlines' flight


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