Photo: Hiking Kamchatka Volcanoes, courtesy of Maxim Ivanitsky

Tours: Explore Kamchatka & The Russian Far East

The operators and outfitters listed below offer trips to accommodate a wide range of interests, physical abilities and budgets. Many trips are synchronized with Yakutia Airlines’ summer service; the rest can be readily adapted to the airline’s schedule upon request of the operator.  If you have a particular interest, whether it be surfing, bird watching, or kayaking, or if you are planning a scientific expedition, consider a custom-designed trip; many operators provide such services. The below listings are provided as a service to our customers for their reference only; any travel arrangements made are exclusively between the traveler and the operator.  InterPacific Aviation and Marketing, Inc./AirRussia.US does not endorse any particular operator or tour,  and encourages the traveler to perform due diligence when making tour arrangements.

Kamchatka Tours

Operator: Kamchatintour
Tour: Amazing Kamchatka
Dates: Weekly Departures from Anchorage /July 16-Aug 27, 2018

This summer, Kamchatka’s natural wonders are just a short flight away. Join Kamchatintour, the premier ground operator for foreign groups visiting Kamchatka, for a one-week trip to experience Kamchatka’s primordial landscape, unique wildlife, native cultures and hospitality. You will have an opportunity to visit Russia’s famous Valley of Geysers, climb an active volcano, take a rafting trip, and more! Weekly summer departures from Anchorage allow for convenient scheduling.

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Photo Courtesy: Mark Dudley
Tel. in Kamchatka +7 (4152) 42-70-71
61, Leningradskaya street (“Avacha” Hotel), 4th floor, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, 683003

Operator: Explore Kamchatka
Tours: Kamchatka

One-week tours offer day excursions to Valley of Geysers, Nalychevo Park, Kuril Lake, Starichkov Island, Avachinsky and Goryely volcanoes, and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Two-week tours begin with a helicopter flight to the Valley of Geysers, and then being deposited by chopper in Nalychevo Park with cabin accommodations for day treks, hot springs and then trucking out to town, ending up with a volcano ascent. These trips will coincide with the Yakutia Airlines schedule. Custom tours are available.

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Photo Courtesy: Valeria Klimenko
Tel. in Kamchatka +7 984 163 9868
P.O. Box 2378, Homer, Alaska 99603
Operator: Red Rivers
Tours: Kamchatka

“Red Rivers” Tour Company provides a variety of packages and one-day tours. Popular tours include rafting, volcano climbing, excursions to waterfalls and geysers, helicopter trips to Valley of Geysers and Kuril Lake, and more!  The exotic “Tolbachik Eruption Area” Tour will introduce you to one of the most fascinating places on our planet – a unique region and home to the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes. You will see the highest volcano on the Eurasian continent,  Klyuchevskaya Sopka, which began erupting January 1, 2015. Ascending Flat Tolbachik Volcano you will find yourself in a surreal world of alien scenery: lava caves, extinct volcano cones and the “Dead Forest.”  You will also explore the area where the famous moon rover was tested in 1970.

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Photo Courtesy: N.V. Karasev
Tel. in Kamchatka +7 (4152) 30-60-30, 8-914-782-3445
Office 219, 29/1 Karl Marks Prospect, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 683031

Operator: 56th Parallel
Tours: Bears and volcanoes, photo tours and incredible adventures in Kamchatka

1. Trekking volcanoes of Kamchatka: Jul. 31 – AUG. 13, 2018. Hike up some of Kamchatka’s active volcanoes, visit ice caves, meet native people and enjoy the rich wildlife on 14 days tour.
2. The Kingdom of Brown Bears: Jul. 22-31, Aug. 12-22, Sep. 2-11. 2018 Stay for 3 days on the shores of the iconic Kuril Lake and take part in bear viewing, trek active Mutnovsky and Gorely Volcanoes afterward.
3. Kamchatka Photo Expedition: Aug. 27 – Sep. 9, 2018 If you’ve ever dreamed of capturing the hundreds of bears and dramatic volcanic landscapes of Kamchatka on camera, this is the tour for you.
4. Kayaking in Kamchatka: Private departures Explore the bays, islets, and caves of Kamchatka by kayak and get closer to its wild inhabitants: killer whales, dolphins, sea lions and otters.

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Photo Courtesy: 56th Parallel
(International): +61 2 9388 9816
Australia: Level 1, Suite 104A, 55 Grafton St, Bondi Junction, NSW, Australia, 2022 Russia: Level 8, 29 Kalanchevskaya St, Moscow, Russia, 107078

Operator: Russia Discovery
Tours: Kamchatka & The Russian Far East

Majestic mountains and wildlife, active volcanoes and geysers. Learn firsthand how amazing Kamchatka is. 1. Classic Kamchatka Tour (2 weeks): multiple dates 2. Bears and the Other 7 Wonders of Kamchatka (10 days): multiple dates 3. Kaleidoscope of Kamchatka Tour (11 days): multiple dates 4. Search of adventures (8 days): multiple dates

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Photo: Mutnovsky Volcano on Kamchatka Peninsula, Courtesy of Fortuna Vita
+7 495 125-28-08
3 Holodilnyj Lane 306, Moscow, 115191, Russia

Operator: 50 Degrees North
Tour: Bears & Volcanoes of Kamchatka
Dates: Multiple departures, from July 19-Sept. 5, 2018

This is the most popular trip to this Russian outpost. Ringed by mountains and situated in an ancient volcano crater, Kurilskoye Lake is one of Kamchatka’s trademark destinations. Stay in a quaint, wooden lodge on the lake’s shores and take part in some of the best bear viewing on the peninsula. Watch the massive pink salmon run and take walking excursions on the lake to view Stellar sea eagle’s nesting. After Kurilskoye Lake you’ll join our “Geologists and Volcanologist tour of Kamchatka” on the plateau of Mutnovsky Volcano and can take a spectacular helicopter flight north of peninsula visit the famous Valley of Geysers and caldera Uzon volcano.

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Photo Courtesy: Alexey Perelygin
+61 3 8682 8905 (Int) 1300 422 821 (Aus)
Suite 203, 7 Jeffcott Street, West Melbourne, Victoria, 3003, Australia

Operator: Betchart Expeditions Inc.
Tour: Kamchatka & Lake Baikal
Dates: July 22 – August 6, 2018

We invite you to join us as we explore the two finest natural areas in Russia, the Kamchatka Peninsula and Lake Baikal, and take the Trans Siberian Express from the Russian Far East across the vast taiga of Russia to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.

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Photo Courtesy: Natalia Ledeneva
Tel: (800) 252-4910 or (408) 252-4910
17050 Montebello Road, Cupertino, CA 95014-5435

Operator: Diligans-Kamchatka
Tours: Ecological and Adventure Tours in Kamchatka

We arrange ecological and adventure tours for individual and group travelers. Kamchatka is one of the world’s last unexplored places. We offer you the opportunity to experience the magical power and charm of Kamchatka with us. Example of tours include: trekking, tours around Kronotsky Reserve, climbing volcanoes, ethno-cultural tours, observation of bears, rafting with fishing, dogs sledding tours.

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Photo Courtesy: Diligans-Kamchatka
Tel: +7 41531 71660
15 Lenin street, office 38, Yelizovo, Kamchatka

Operator: Secret Compass
Expedition: Kamchatka Land of Fire and Ice
Dates: 18 Aug  – 01 Sep 2019

Located in Russia’s far-east, the rugged 1200km-long Kamchatka peninsula is one of the world’s most pristine areas of wilderness. Bears outnumber locals while Eurasia’s highest active volcanoes keep the night skies alive. Take on an unforgettable challenge as you trek the epic land of fire and ice.

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Photo Courtesy: Secret Compass / Cheryl Hindle
Tel. UK: +44 (0)20 7096 8428
Tel. USA: +1 347 5341398
14 Whitehouse St, Bristol BS3 4AY, UK

Operator: MIR Corporation
Remote Russia: Yakutia & Kamchatka, Aug. 7-20, 2018

Explore the remote corners of Russia, including Yakutia, a challenging northern frontier known for mammoths and diamonds, and the wild Kamchatka Peninsula, uneasily perched on the Pacific Ring of Fire. Meet the indigenous peoples of these far-flung locales, and admire two natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites as you contrast the Kingdom of Permafrost in Yakutsk with steaming Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka.

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UNESCO-listed Lena Pillars. Photo courtesy of Yakutia Airlines
Tel: 1-800-424-7289
85 South Washington Street, Suite 210, Seattle, WA 98104

Russian Far East Tours

Operator: MIR Corporation
Tour: Trans-Siberian Classic Route – Vladivostok to Moscow

Russia was settled west to east, so a trip from Vladivostok to Moscow on the Trans-Siberian railway is a trip from the wild east to the civilized west. Watch the miles of wilderness give way to little villages, larger towns and industrial centers, and finally, the most energetic spot in Russia, Moscow. Join us on this epic journey across the world’s largest country, visiting four UNESCO World Heritage Sites along the way. Length of Trip: 15 days.

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Photo Courtesy: Mir Corporation
Tel: 1-800-424-7289
85 South Washington Street, Suite 210, Seattle, WA 98104

Operator: Heritage Expeditions
Expeditions: Russian Far East Voyages

Travellers who are looking for a genuine experience, a journey not a tour, a destination which hasn’t been organised and commercialised, a wilderness where we must travel on nature’s terms and not on timetables. This summer, plan an adventure to the spectacularly remote and wildlife-rich Russian Far East. You will find very unique expeditions, all exploring a different part of the Russian Far East: Kamchatka, Chukotka, Kuril Islands, and Wrangel Island.

Ecotourists at Tintikun Lagoon, Koryaksky Reserve, Kamchatka. Photographer JERoss, courtesy of Heritage Expeditions

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0800 262 8873 – New Zealand 1800 143 585 – Australia 1866 285 7884 – USA & Canada +64 3 365 3500 – Other
53B Montreal Street, PO Box 7218, Christchurch, New Zealand

Operator: Silversea Cruises
Cruises: Russian Far East

Take a cruise to the Russian Far East, where the winter ice isolates the Kuril Islands with their stunning volcanic landscapes and spectacular populations of seabirds and cetaceans thrive. The world’s largest bear roams the Kamchatka Peninsula, while the nutrient-rich waters of the Bering Sea support every form of Arctic life. The Russian Far East is a fantasyland for the intrepid explorer, where every landing here holds promise of something amazing.

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Photo courtesy: A. Tereschenko
Tel: +1-888-978-4070, +1-800-722-9955
333 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 2600 (333 Southeast 2nd Avenue) Miami, FL 33131 United States