Explore Kamchatka & The Russian Far East

Explore Kamchatka & The Russian Far East, Summer 2013

Explore Kamchatka & The Russian Far East

This summer trek through Kamchatka’s dramatic landscapes, experience its indigenous cultures, and see its unique wildlife. Photo Courtesy: JATM

Immerse yourself in Kamchatka’s native cultures, view wildlife up close and active volcanoes from a safe distance with an experienced trip operator. The operators and outfitters listed below offer trips to accommodate a wide range of interests, physical abilities and budgets. Many trips are synchronized with Yakutia Airlines’ 2013 summer service; the rest can be readily adapted to the airline’s schedule upon request of the operator.  If you have a particular interest, whether it be surfing, bird watching, or kayaking, or if you are planning a scientific expedition, consider a custom-designed trip; many operators provide such services.

In the summer of 2013, Yakutia Airlines will expand its Alaska-Russian Far East service to 14 weeks, and will extend the route from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Khabarovsk, one of Eastern Russia’s most important transportation hubs and cultural centers. Tickets for Yakutia Airlines’ summer service will go on sale through the AirRussia.US network and select computer reservations systems by January 2013.

Tolbachik Eruption The ongoing eruption of Plosky Tolbachik volcano has drawn much attention in the recent news, but it is just one of almost thirty active volcanoes that stud the primordial landscape of Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula The region’s volcanoes, Uzon Caldera and Geyser Valley comprise one of UNESCO’s largest and most isolated World Heritage sites. Thousands of miles of pristine streams and rivers flow from the central mountain ridges of the scythe-shaped peninsula to the sea, forming ideal trout and salmon habitat. Abundant brown bear, snow ram, Steller’s sea eagle and seabird populations make for excellent wildlife viewing. Indigenous Itelmen, Koryak, and Even peoples also call Kamchatka home. Long isolated by politics and geography, Kamchatka now welcomes visitors.

The Plosky Tolbachik Volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula began erupting on November 27, 2012 after lying dormant for 36 years. Photo Courtesy: Aleksey Maslov



Amazing Kamchatka Tour by Kamchatintour, July 5 – September 13, 2013

Exploratory Fishing Expeditions by Ultimate Rivers, September 12-26, 2013


Explore Kamchatka

Bystrinsky Nature Park Tour by Explore Kamchatka with Diligans Kamchatka, Ltd, June-September 2013


Foresteam Travel

Tour to Lake Kurilskoye by Foresteam Travel July 30 – September 15, 2013


Kamchatka: Reindeer Herders & The Ring of Fire by MIR Corporation, August 23-31, 2013


50Degrees North

Bears & Volcanoes of Kamchatka by 50 Degrees North, July-August, 2013


Planet Yakutia

Yakutia Diamond Week by Planet Yakutia, National Tour Operator, August 2013


Planet Yakutia

Lena River Cruises: Lena Pillars by Planet Yakutia, National Tour Operator, June-September 2013



MIR Corporation

Trans-Siberian Classic Route – Vladivostok to Moscow by MIR Corporation. 2013 Dates: May 18-June 1, June 16-30, Aug. 10-24, Sept. 7-21

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